Will the PS4 Use 3D TV?


After another busy post about Super Hi-Vision possibly being an option on the Playstation 4, the general opinion was no chance as the current console doesn’t fully make use of 1080p just yet. I have to agree with the comments made that Sony should concentrate on the current technology for viewing. However, I came across 3D TV the other day which caught my attention. In the UK, Sky have mentioned that they have successfully made their first test broadcast (to just 1 TV set) by using a standard Sky+ box. This test will hopefully pave the way to more shows and channels being broadcast in 3D within the next 2 – 3 years. This has led me to ponder the possibility of Sony utilising 3D TV for the PS4.

3D TV in the past required the use of special glasses, sometimes with red and green colours in the lenses, or other glasses like the IMAX uses. A new technology has been made available over the last couple of years which aims to present a 3D picture without the need of glasses. When watching a football game you could lean to the side and see objects closer to you move faster across the screen then objects further away. With out the need for special glasses it does make 3D TV more desirable and this could easily be adapted in to Playstation games.

What are your thoughts? Should Sony make the PS4 3D TV compatible?

More details can be found here, here and here.

  • rajie

    dumbest excrement ever…..ps3 is great and itll only get better there is no neeed for a ps4 or ps5 or a freakin PS1991

    ps3 sitll has far to go and i bet if ppl see a ps4 get released they wont buy it cuz its been this way since ps2

    ps1 then ps2 and it first was 600$ and it suxxxxx every1 knows that
    but ps3 wont ever suk like ps2 did cuz ps3 is better but it still sux to cuz of the bugs and glitches…sony just needs to make sure their products are reliable instead of just putting some stuff together and just putting it in the store and then later on changing it all with different things that they say are better like a 160 hdd limited edition uncharted drakes fortune ps3 ..like 2 times hte price of the 80gb ps3 now and its worse becuz stupid ppl buy that…the 80gb one has 4 usb slots and u can change the hdd to a bigger 1 more bigger than 160…160gb ps3 has only 2 slots for usb wuts the point…theyre just tryin to scam and make money someone should press a lawsuit for all that …aint sayin that it needs 1 really but look at the situation…since ps and n64..what has been happening its only been like 10 years and now ps3 and xbox360 r here and they should be here for a long long time cuz they aint evne started yet….I quibble final fantasy 13 make a remake of final fantasy 7!!!! that is better than every final fantasy in the series combined these days the ones that get released are dumb…and gta is dead

  • http://psfour.info psfour

    What you say. Maybe you should learn english before typing out crap.

    3D can already be produced on the PS3. It would just need a firmware update.
    So it is obvious that 3D can be made but it would be down to the game publishers to decide if they want to.

  • Tom

    ps2 didn’t suck. it was good for the time it was out.

  • bobber

    ya i heard that they r going to make ps4 for sure because sony unleashes ps consles every like 2-4 years,,,soo there should be a ps4 n its going to be 3D FOR SURE!!!!! N ITLL BE AWSOME TO PLAY COD MW2 ON IT!!! can’t wait

  • http://www.energizer820.deviantart.com Energizer820

    undicided about ps4 coming out in 2012, but the resolution of that system is like 3840x2610p.. if da ps3 need a 1080p tv, so as the ps4, 3dtv is the answer 2 ps4’s future. featuring its capibilties 2 do 3d as the ps3, the only diffrence ps4 is going to support all ps disc. and using a new upgrade of the blueray disc (50GB), to Holographic Verticile Disc (HVD)(300GB-1TB) which means longer games, more stuff, and 2x the graphics. next generation of HD, QFHD, 4 more info type, go 2 my website link

  • http://NoWebsite ahmed al muthhy

    i think that it would be kool if you could just update 3D to the ps3 instead of buying a FUCKING NEW PS4 THAT IS GONNA probably be 600$ or where iam from thats like 350$ KD they should just add stuff instead of a new ps4

  • Scott

    Ok, yes the new playstation will be a bigger improvement on the ps3 BUT what can really be improved on?! I totally disagree with Energizer820’s comment about HVD’s due to the fact that they are still not available to be mass produced and also the fact that they are ridiculously expensive. Also the fact that games will be longer is bull, no developer has yet to manage to fill a full blu-ray disc. And we are talking about huge games here like Skyrim, Battlefield 3 etc. I think Song will stick with blu-ray, stick to stereoscopic 3d yet upgrade it so it supports the next gen of tv’s (2k-4k). Sony are ahead of the game and when the ps3 came out a lot of people were like ‘whats this weird connection on the back?’ as a lot of buyers still didn’t even have a clue about HDTV.