Will the PS4 have an optical disk drive?

Will the PS4 have an optical disk drive?

Compact_discThe revolution of the internet is in full swing, as is the drive on reducing our ‘carbon footprint’. With internet speeds continuing to increase, such things as downloadable movies and game demos for the current PS3 have become available. If Sony decide to insist on all PS4 content being downloadable only it would remove the need for an optical disk drive. This would also remove the cap which games have due to the finite limit of data which can be stored on a disk. No longer will games be confined to DVD or Blu Ray capacity disks, instead they can be of an almost infinite size. This exclusion of a drive will also reduce the overall price of the console, noise and power consumption

With the removal of an optical drive the console no longer requires moving parts, Sony could get far more creative with the styling of the console. You could even have a weeble console, which wobbles, but just won’t fall down!

This ability to download all content to our PS4’s HDD would vastly reduce the effect on the environment as packaging is no longer needed, games are not required to be transported around the world in vehicles, and lets face it…it even saves us walking to the shops.

So what’s your thinking on this then? I can see benefits, and drawbacks of having an optical disk drive. It always feels nice to get a game and insert it into the console for the first time, but is that really worth having a drive for it? Just look at the way music is going…pretty much all my music now is downloaded and I think PS4 games could well be too.

  • Matthew

    I don’t think an optical drive will be needed as download speeds are always increasing and HDD capacities are on the increase too. In fact, I don’t even think a HDD will be used, but an SSD (solid state drive) type system instead keeping it down to no moving parts except maybe a cooling fan.

  • jammy

    I think it will,on Ps3 there are already examples of games filling a 50gb blu-ray,it’s not beyond games developers to within the next 2-3 years have games that require the 100gb blu-ray,you could even suggest that by the time Ps4 launches the first 200gb blu-ray wll be needed.

    Now imagine when Ps4 launches and has all those super high quality textures,the latest uncompressed audio, and you want to download 200+GB of data,no thanks.Give me 20 minutes to pop down to the shops and i’ll get your game for you.

    Now will Ps4 have a HDD that can store 10 200gb games,remember were talking at the most 5 years away before it launches,hell their more than likely know were about the specs will end up,not until Ps5 so 2023 give or take a few years before this becomes reality.

  • Alex King

    This is a ridiculous idea. You are only thinking of a small demographic within the USA. What about half of Europe? Or Asia, the biggest growth market? They have no real access to fast internet and the internet cannot keep on growing in speed anyway, its nearly maxed-out as is. Plus what happens is your harddrive is wiped? And most people like having the games on disc in the living room. Grow a brain…

  • http://2upblog.pl Alan

    I think that’s not going to happen.

    Seriously, imagine launch of the MGS 6 or any other very anticipated game, which will be more than 4 gb. Seriously, you think that someone will wait to download it for a week (downloading usually kills the transfer, so u don’t want to turn it on, when ur browsing through the net, watching streamed porn or playing online) or will just go and buy it?

    We do not live in a times where internet is free and anyone can have 50 mbit in one day. That’s not going to happen any time soon. There are countries, where it’s cheap as bread and there countries where 512 kb costs $30. And it’s not gonna change over night.

    Console without optical disc? Not going to happen any time soon imo.

  • dreamhunk

    sony trying to compete with pc gaming

  • GS

    NO !!…I hope that isn´t gonna happens.
    Only think if the HDD doesn´t work or you have to replace it. You have to download again all your games ( that could be more of 20-or 30 )!!!…you could spend weeks trying to retrieve all your game info…NOOOOOOOO

  • Syphadeous

    So…what happens when the drive crashes??? is all that information gone?? how many free downloads afterwards do we get to rebuild our library?? How big are the drives going to be?? With the talk of 1T blu ray disks in our future how expensive are these new machines really going to be? The drive alone will have to be a minimum of 10T right of the start…movies, music, games…that is going to eat up alot of space. I don’t know about you…but I like to know that I have that old faithful disk for back up… plus I like to see and meet people when I shop…virtual world people just do not cut it.

  • anonimyos

    well, in that case, retailers will be the biggest enemy of all. and the last thing consoles one is retailers boycotting their product.

  • Justin

    you need to have a disc i know that i would much rather buy the game in the store than download it from the PSN. and with the blu-ray capabilities going up to 400 GB i dotn think we will have a problem with space on the disc. and you also have to look at that music is alot smaller download than a game will be.

  • Gil

    Yeh, the PS4 will have a optical drive. I don’t think many people will be amused by having to download a 50 GB or more game (there’s still lot’s of people out there with Dial-up and I have highs-peed but it’ll take like 2 days of constant downloading to download 50 GB) not to mention you’d need a huge hard drive a terabyte or more which COULD be costly.

    By the time the PS4 comes out the Blu-ray drive will be much cheaper and Sony can use it for the next generation since they now made a 16 layered blu-ray disk that can hold up to 400GB which was confirmed that the PS3 can use. And I don’t think there’s going to be any game that will require more then 400 GB for the next generation.

    Anyway I highly dought the PS4 will have no optical drive, but the PS5 will probable have none.

  • Wardi

    This is a colorfull idea but very stupid…. Internet isnt free and not everyone has it. Who wants to wait for a download any way when there are walmarts on every corner in america now and lets face it americans are getting lazier and more fat every year, so we need the short drive and the walk in and out the store. Also i like having a hard copy any way just incase a friend wants to borrow a game or i want to trade or sell it as do most people. Plus it jus tlooks cool displaying your collection of games in your entertainment center. Please sony, im a fan but lets face it you have made enough mistakes with the ps3 so lets try and do everything right next time around.

  • harrison schaerr

    having to install every single game you own to a hard disk is the biggest pain in the ass.

    Not only is it time consuming, but it also costs the consumer as we are the ones who end up paying for that hard disk space.

    continuing with this train of thought, why in the hell do 360 and ps3 hard drives cost so much money?

    Why, I bought a 1,000 gig hard drive for 99$ with free shipping from newegg.com just a month ago, 10% of what I paid for my xbox elite’s 120 gb hard disk drive, with 1,000% more space to boot.

    Try not to adopt all the negatives of pc gaming into console gaming. You’ll just be alienating loads of angry consumers.

  • Norman

    I personally don’t like the idea, it just wouldn’t be the same. Don’t get me wrong, I love downloadable content, but I still enjoy going to the store and purchasing that next title for my ps3. I personally would miss having a disc in my hands. I hope sony doesn’t do this because it just wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be the same.

  • xlbLoOdlx

    I like how the moron up top said the internet was almost maxed out as is. What an idiot. As for Blu-Ray on the next console, highly unlikely. Blu-Ray doesnt promised quality games. There is a common misconception with people and the fact that they believe that Blu-Ray is what makes the games and movies look good. When in all actuallity, it is just the amount of data it can hold. If a DVD could hold 50Gb, it would be just as good as the Blu-Ray. For the one idiot talking about 200Gb games, are you fn retarded bro? We arent going to touch that in 2-3 years. Go educated yourself. Especially for a video game. Go ahead, take your twenty minutes, run down to the store, and pick up that new game. While you’re out buying that game, I am already downloading it. Oh! Guess what, now you have to do a HDD install with that game you just picked up from Best Buy. In the mean time I am already done and ready to play thanks to my 30 MBPS connection. As for the one talking about getting brains, how about you use a SSHDD, there is your brains. No loss of data. MGS6 = 4GB?: Done in no time. I know many people who would wait for this. Considering that their internet is faster than the time it takes you to get in to the car and come back from the store with that game. About it changing overnight, obviously you should listen to the other guy and get a brain. Go read something son, you obviously dont know anything about the internet or how fast these things can change. Console without an optical disk? Most likely happening in the next console. For idiot #3, Sony is not competing with the PC market you moron. They are two totally different realms. Internet = Stupid people. Idiot #4: Just because their is talk about 1T Blu-Ray discs, does’nt mean were going to get games that fill that space right away, so for your equation of figuring out how big our HDD must be: YOU ARE FN RETARDED. Think people. No retailer is going to think about boycotting. Considering that they would still be selling consoles and peripherals, the games WOULD NOT be in the store to NOT sell. Therefor stores not losing money. Therefor no boycotting. Now, in general. You all keep resorting back to how large the HDD is or how much capacity a Blu-Ray can hold. Consider this, most games that you buy, wether it be on a 25Gb or 50Gb Blu-Ray, do not take up more than 3-9GBs. So, for the retards that do not understand this, even PS4 will not fill a 200Gb, 400Gb, or 1TB Blu-Ray. Let alone a 100Gb Blu-Ray. So for all the idiots in this comment seciton. Yes, most likely, more than not, is the PS4 going to be driveless. Get over it. Go educate yourselves.

  • Louis

    There is always the possibily that flash cards become cheap enough in the next 5 years that we will buy games on them. Flash card are getting always bigger and cheaper this days…Flash memory load quite faster than any blue-ray drive so no mandatory install, wich is great….But this could also mean higher price tag for games since flah card will always be more expensive than optical disc just like the good old cartbrige SNES and such era….

  • coolbeans

    Alex King you’re an idiot. Asia has a faster internet speed rate than USA. If you go by the fastest connections in the world i remember an article on n4g that says we’re number 7 Japan and asian countries are number 1. Our internet providers only give us about 8 mbps speed and they get 60 mbps. Downloading a 2 hour movie for us takes about 30 minutes or so but it takes them 2 minutes at the most. People here can buy routers and modems that can go up to 60 mbps true, but internet providers will not give us that much speed. Also to everybody saying the internet can’t upgrade to much more, haven’t you heard of internet 2.0 which is going to be used for research first, but may be able to become a household product? It uses wired connections. Downloading and connections will be virtually instantaneous. By the time the ps4 rolls out i’m sure we will be able to use internet 2.0 ourselves.

  • Mark

    They could also use mmc media ie flash cards, thumb drives etc…

  • mark

    Yeah compared to other countries, the US is behind in internet coverage AND speed, and that’s just the US, so for this idea to actually go forth would ruin any company who tries it.

    And you’re wrong coolbeans, internet 2.0 will be years in testing, and if released at all, will only be in major cities for years, and use logic bud, if companies can’t get their act together for regular cable/dsl, what makes you think once internet 2.0 is released, that we’ll all just magically get it?

    I am one of those americans who live in a place with no high speed, and I know first hand what it’s like and why it’s like this.

  • Kaindalf

    Hmmm very interesting. Well has years pass by from floopy to cartdriges to cd to dvd and now blu-ray. One thing for sure technology is advancing rapidly. Download is here to stay but it will not replace hard copy dvd or blu-ray. One thing i haven’t heard here is HVD. That another technology looking to defeat blu-ray. One thing for sure games will be the most consuming of space whether is on blu-ray or hard drives. I believe that the PS4 will have an optical drive either it be Blu-ray or the HVD. In all honesty games are getting bigger and it will require a huge amount of space that internet providers will not allow. They will cap the user of how much bandwidth you are allow to use.

  • Louis

    Well, after some research on HVD it seems this technolgy will still be way too expensive in 5 years to be use as format in PS4 or the next xbox…Maybe in the PS5?

  • bjbj4me

    No one has thought about the fact that soon we will be paying for the amount that we download through the cable companies. Comcast has already been testing this in Texas. Your gonna be paying $50 a month for 50 to 100 GB download. Any extra you either get cut off or you pay extra. What if I play online all the time and then I decide to buy a game and it cuts off because I downloaded to much? I have to pay for the game and hope that it does’nt go over the limit which i have to pay for download size. I can’t see Sony doing this to soon. They would have to clear that up first.

  • Hoveringsocks

    Well, a hard drive has moving parts. Not to mention the hard drive would be of a finite capacity. And, if you had to install the entire game for every game you own, it’d need to be darn big or people will constantly run out of space. Also, I don’t believe it would lower the cost to manufacture the console. The hard drive would simply absorb all cost saved by not having optical media. Also, when a hard drive goes bad in this scenario, all games and related data are lost. Sure, the games can be redownloaded but at what time and bandwidth cost? Not to even mention it becoming popular for ISP’s to start imposing bandwidth limits on consumer accounts now.

    Nah, give me my optical media. Pioneer recently announced 400G discs that should see the light of day around the 2010 timeframe. Increase the read speed of the optical media, storage capacity, and use the hard drive for saves and caching like we do today as a hybrid system.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I like owning a piece of physical media. Makes it feel more substantial for my money to actually have something tangible.

  • blaH

    With internet speeds continuing to increase?

    thats just bull, i live in germany, and here the is not a so called highspeed internet and if there is then it is way to expensiv and i’m not going to pay 100-200euro or more for 50-100mbit lines(and i thinks it’s not just in germany).
    they will put in an optical drive i’m shure

  • Justin

    HVD looks crazy. 3.9 TB? that is ridiculous

  • Krazeecain

    The problem here is that you’re looking way too far ahead into the future, in ~5 years the internet probably won’t change enough for even >1GB to be feasible, let alone 50 GB or whatever crazy disc size is around the corner (there are rumors of a 400GB blu-ray disc being developed!) and ssd’s ? are you kidding me!? I know the price of flash memory is currently in a free-fall but seriously, the size of a feasible SSD just can’t compare with future blu-ray technology (400GB!!) It’s a nice concept, but it certainly isn’t for the PS3. I can definitely see NINTENDO doing this though, but again, the internet simply won’t be developed enough for this to be feasible. (maybe you could sell the games on memory cards?)

  • GregDaZeldaLover

    Okay, I have just a few things to say. These things people are saying annoy the hell outa me. It’s not “50 gb”. It’s GB not gb. Gb or gb means gigabits. We arn’t talking bits here people it’s bytes. 50 GB (or Gigabytes) is the capacity of a dual layered blu-ray disc. Not 50 gb. Please get it right! Also, whoever said that the internet is almost maxxed out is kind of right and kind of wrong. The web’s speed is pretty much maxxed out, but the internet as a network can still speed up dramatically. Ever here of fiber optics? It’s crazy fast and will be a while before it is massively used, but the internet as a network still has plenty of speed to use.

  • Kent

    Wouldn’t happen, There are still people who don’t have high speed internet. (I know it’s hard to believe but it’s a fact.) So what about those people they won’t be able to game or what? Also we don’t need another reason for America to get fat and lazy. My 2 cents worth.

  • radio_350

    i think it is a great idea but its only therory what about backwards compatibility who wants to wait for a game they already own to show up on psn when they have the disk on their shlf but cant play it cause there is no optical drive plus if it costs 200$ for a terabite drive whats a 10 terabite drive gonna cost or even a solid state drive thats more than i spent on both my ps3s combined its a good idea but there are a lot of bugs to work out and after home i dont expect much from sony’s ideas only what they have to give

  • Ross

    In 3rd world countries to downloads cost a lot. In South Africa it’s $10 for a gig. Same goes for India or Brazil. That’s a lot of market to cut out. I think that disc media is quite safe.

  • DJTee

    I think they cannot do away with physical storage, any time soon. As much as internet speeds are increasing, ISPs are begining to cap internet usage and beyond that the cap amount charge per MB. With the size of future this could prove too expensive for current playstation customers to buy games. Maybe they should look at flash memory technology, the capacities are increasing by the day, it is becoming cheaper to manufacture and no moving parts. By the time PS4 is out flash disks will have enough storage for next gen games.

  • Chris

    @ xlbLoOdlx : The only one who is “fn retarted” here is you. And I’ll explain to you why :
    You have to look outside of your US borders. Not every country had unlimited download. In our country for example (Belgium) we have downloads that vary from 20 GB/month to 100 GB/month. So if you know that Star Ocean will ship on 3 DVD’s we can talk about some 10+ GB for one game. So for the regular families that’s at best 1/4th of their total download of the month. (what sizes do we see on PS3 and what sizes will we see next generation) And that’s not going to change qo quickly. So it’ absolutely a bad idea if Sony would exclude an optical drive. But if they wanna doom theirselves completely, they have my blessing. But don’t expect to sell a lot of PS4’s in Europe then. And that’s the continent they perform best…

  • David Macphail

    Digital Distribution is one of THE most ridiculous ideas i’ve ever heard of! The majority of the general public would much rather have a physical copy of their game/movie in their hands as it cuts out the chances for unfortunate accidents. I mean, when’s the last time you heard someone say “Oops, i just accidentally moved all of my games into the bin and now they’re gone forever.”? I know the chances of things like that happening are slim but the NEED for physical distribution FAR outweighs the WANT of Digital Distribution. I’m going to be perfectly honest here…….if physical distribution goes, the entire gaming industry goes with it. There are countless gamers out there that would NEVER be willing to swap into a digital – only age and the very prospect of this would put them off buying games alltogether! Heck, in my opinion digital distribution for DLC is bad enough!!!

    I can promise you this right now, digital distribution will NEVER become a reality (At least not in our lifetime). If it does…..you can expect the games industry to go the way of the music industry, right down the toilet! ANY company who sides with digital distribution over physical media will instantly LOSE the next generation, so obviously the most likely candidate for DD in the next – gen would be Microsoft……………….

  • Bigwilma

    Will the PS4 have an optical drive, no. There will be no PS4, Harrison has already said the R&D costs of the PS3 will not be recovered in his lifetime. Take a moment to digest that. SCE is making a loss and will continue to do so. Imagine the shareholder fury to any commitment to the costs necessary for a new console. Sony can’t afford the PS4 and Microsoft are currently halfway through the R&D phase of their next machine. Their will be a new xbox in 2 years and a new wii their will never be another Playstation. Sony are cutting 16000 jobs survival and consolidation are the priorities not the PS4.

  • Kaindalf

    I agree. As far the PS4 is involve, it will have a optical drive. I also believe it will have a terabyte hard drive as well. Bottom line is games are just getting way huge and the internet cannot provide that type of download for so many games that come out.

  • http://www.edepot.com/playstation4.html ps4

    That HVD stuff came from here:


  • AssassinAngel

    simply ..
    aside from the internet connection speed,cost,online games ownership,the huge traffic when new awaited game is released.. .etc
    since the games are getting bigger year after year
    so how big the PS4 Harddisk would be..?, how many game could it stand?
    what will happen when the HD is filled..
    it’s silly to imagine PS4 with many Harddisk slots…

    finally: could all what we know of internet download speed and storage media technology change in 5 or 10 years from now…!!
    considering the last 10 years

  • http://www.ps4talk.com Paul

    Consider the Macbook Air, or other notebooks which have no optical disk drive. They have the ability to download/ install programs wirelessly over the Internet, so why couldn’t the PS4? And for those without high-speed Internet they could get a stand alone blu-ray drive (or whatever the PS4 chooses) much like the Superdrive you get with the Macbook Air, which connects via USB and allows physical media to be used.

    People keep asking what if a HDD fails, well…what happens when your computer HDD fails? You spend hours recovering and re-installing data. And to be fair, it’s pretty rare that that ever happens.

    Just my two pence. Again, it’s purely speculation but I do enjoy talking about it :)

  • http://www.empiya.org Patrick


    Calm down. There is no point flaming people on their opinion.

    The majority of the data stored on the disc is the texturing for the game itself. The graphics card simply works with the textures on the disc to make the game realistic.

    In the late 90s, we had games between 50-200MB and i’m sure at that time people were skeptical that games weren’t going to be on 50GB discs, technology improves and consequently space has to improve and increase as well.

    As for a Optical-driveless PS4, I doubt that will happen. I’m in Australia with a decent download rate of 20Mbs and an allowance of 25GB and pay quite a bit for the privilege. I’m sure there will be an availability to download either demos and minor-release games (eg. Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty) through their Playstation Network.

  • http://yorickdowne.wordpress.com Thorsten

    I think sales distribution is far more important than technical capability. Yes, we have doubts about whether the Intertubes will be able to carry games – see http://www.neoseeker.com/news/8714-ea-digital-distribution-wont-diminish-retail-game-sales-for-the-next-20-years/ for example – but in the end, whether or not they can really does not matter that much.

    From the figures I have seen, the vast majority of games are sold at retail, and the majority of those are picked up on the strength of advertising by people who actually do not play games themselves. “Hi, get me something for my 10-year old niece, she has a PlayStayShun” – “Yes ma’am, we recommend “Barbie: Horsies Extreme!!” this week, that’s $45 with instant rebate right now”

    That “buyer demographic” won’t change any time soon, and that means that Internet distribution will only matter to a small portion of the marketplace. I see Internet as a way to deliver additional content and, alas, fixes, to be sure – but not whole games as the exclusive delivery method for a console.

  • D. Woods

    I belive DDL will never replace optical discs but they will co-exist. DDl will serve as a option only. And pioneer just introduced a 400gb blu-ray disc. And they said they also going up to 1TB. So Sony’s ps4, 5 or 6 should’nt have to fear storage capacity in optical discs.

  • james braselton


  • james braselton


  • toto

    there better be a PS4 and with a disc system. Because of the playback needed to play PS3, Ps2, and even PS one games. I wouldn’t buy it if i had to download all my games.That’s just crasy and it could take days to download a long, and high quality game. Disc all the way!!!!!!

  • James

    Imange Sony and Pionerr teaming up and using Pionerr’s 400Gig Blu Ray disc, that would be a site to see.

  • xlbloodlx

    To Belgium Retard: This is an AMERICAN website. So OBVIOUSLY we wouldn’t be speaking about any European countries. Take your useless comment to your own countries websites. You fn retard.

  • xlbloodlx

    Oh… now that is is almost three years later… Notice that digital distribution is making it’s way. You were all wrong, and I ofcourse (as usual) was right. Because I pay attention and research the things I speak about. Point blank, I am not retarded like some of you, or naiive. Retards. You should all feel, uhm… retarded.

  • Raijn

    Yahoo News Reported May 31, 2011 from Playstation executives, they said PS4 rumors are currently just rumors and the new console they spoke about is now called playstation vita. FYI I would not like a home based console that did not have disc drive. It takes the playstation store a long time to render older games to a downloadable format. Final Fantasy 10 was a major hit for ps2 but we can’t download that. Let alone the 100’s of other titles that need conversion. I think there are not many downloadable ps2 titles because the conversion takes a lot of time. So technically a non disc playstation would be just as incompatible as the ps3. For awhile atleast.