PS4 to focus on 3D?

PS4 to focus on 3D?
Is 3D the Way Forwards?

Is 3D the Way Forwards?

We have mentioned 3D recently a couple of times. The first time was speculating on the PS4 having 3D capabilities built in, and then shortly after news was announced that the PS3 should receive a firmware update to allow 3D to be used. With an update possibly arriving for the PS3 it is pretty certain that the PS4 will follow this same route right out of the gate. This speculation is also held up by the way the movie and TV industry is going with 3D.

At CES a few weeks back in Las Vegas, Sony were showing off some 3D demo’s of games. These games were not planned for being released, but were simply just demos (according to Sony) although if they were patched for CES then maybe updated versions will make it to the PS3 soon. The idea behind the 3D demos was to show what is possible with 3D and where things are going. IGN then went on to speculate that the PS4 when released will primarily be a 3D device capable of 3D games and 3D Blu-ray video. As 3D TV’s are making their way in to the market (some require polarised glasses, some require no glasses at all) I expect that in 3 or so years time that 3D TV’s will be more common place enough to justify a console focused on this technology.

But what about other content? Will every (or even just some) PS3 games get a 3D viewing option? Could a firmware update bring the content to everyone? Maybe, maybe not. But it seems to me that it’s likely that the PlayStation 4 will be built from the ground-up for 3D content, including Blu-ray discs for movies.

I think a mixture of 3D and head tracking could make for a very unique games console which could be enough to give it a slight edge over competition.

More over at IGN.

  • The Kiss

    In my perspective, I would say most (if not all) of the video games made by Sony will have a “3D view” feature, but that’s if Sony decides to go that way. Or maybe, they just want to showcase it for their TVs movie playback. Who knows? howver, this will all depend on the health of the global economy and the time when they (SCEI) choose to bring about their next-gen console.

    In any case, I would like to see some those 3D games make their way to my TV, because 3D feels like something I really would get immersed in… at least more than what I am already immersed into with my current video games.

    Also, wonder if that could be used to bring out new forms of gameplay… other than the immersing graphical enhancement.

  • Wolf26pack

    I’d have to give it a 80% chance of it happening and 20% chance of it not happening. Like the Kiss said it is really dependent on a couple of things, and those are….

    – The Economy getting better
    – 3D TV’s actually taking off and being purchased by a mass majority of consumers
    – Movie Studios supporting 3D Movies

    Now I really don’t see the Ps3 coming out with 3D in it’s lifetime. Is it capable of doing 3D? Ohh Yes it is!!! but the thing is with the way the economy is I don’t think 3D TV’s are going to take off right away and a lot of people still don’t even have HDTV’s and are hoping to get one. They really aren’t thinking of 3D TV’s yet & TV’s are huge investment’s they aren’t the price of a cheeseburger & fries, they cost some major bucks. All new technology costs major bucks and I just don’t see anybody wanting to run out and get a 3D TV in the PS3’s lifespan.

    Now I do think that if Sony is smart and the economy is right it would be a great idea to bring 3D to the PS4. Just like the Wii’s Motion controls it will make something standard in the System and developer’s will have to support it if they want to make games for the PS4. Now this could still end up bad for Sony if developers decide it’s not worth it because of the extra work that it would require and the other 2 system’s they don’t have to put that much work into making the PS4 games.

    So like I said I give it an 80% chance of happening but depending on the above factors there’s a 20% chance of it not happening. It may just be too soon for 3D.

  • D. Woods

    Personally, I think 3DTV is pretty gimmicky. I wouldn’t want to see implemented on ALL games. It seems like a nice trick but wouldn’t looking at that all the time would damage your vision in time?

  • Luke

    LoL D. Woods. No it would not damage your vision if in focus.. Does it damage your vision to look at anything that’s 3D in the world around you?

  • Dapspmasta

    It would be better if you could have 3D 0n TV/PS3/PS4 without 3D TV, Glasses…
    They should make Games and Blu-Ray Discs have a 3D Option

  • rude boy

    it will be gd but you cant chat with anouther preson while he is playin a differnt game and im playing a diffrent game and y cant we play against the xbox people online?

  • rude boy

    i ment person

  • abdul

    I give It 95 chance of happening

  • theman

    3d is rubbish.

    if anyones ever been to diney land paris and to that 3d place….

    that’s real 3d.
    not avatar.