PS4 Controller Concept – Project Cobra

PS4 Controller Concept - Project Cobra

ps4-game-handle-futureAlthough I think Sony will stick with the regular design for the next-gen Playstation 4 controller I thought I’d still show this concept controller called Project Cobra.

The Cobra was designed by Jiang Qian and looks a little different from the usual PS4 controller shape we commonly see. The controller has a d-pad to the left, 4 buttons to the right along with 2 analogue sticks and a number of function buttons in between the mentioned buttons. 2 left and 2 right shoulder buttons can also be found. One of the unique features (although unconfirmed) is that the whole controller seems to be vented through out on both sides which looks to take in air from the top to keep your hands cool while holding it.

What are your thoughts on the Cobra? Should Sony look in to different designs or should we carry on using the regular controller with a few tweaks like we have in the past.

Via: PS3Maven and Walyou

  • Paul

    My only concern with some of these ‘concept’ designs is strength. Making the controller hollow with a fan is adding moving parts and reducing strength to an object which is subject to quite a bit of physical hammering. I know when I get annoyed at games i’ve resorted to throwing the controller, and I just don’t think these designs would withstand my rage! :)

  • Chris

    the Project Cobra looks amazing with the lights, and the vents are a great idea, this should be the controller for the PS4, which should match the controller, white with blue neon lights, that would be jaw dropping!

  • MIKE


  • Malakas

    Wrong guys…The controller will remain exatly the same, just with new features. Just as it happens for 3 generations now

  • WES

    Do you work for Sony?

  • Drew Martell

    Not this again… you’d think they’d learn by almost releasing a bowling bawl then boomerang last time around.

  • Jim

    Tbh, I think they should stick with the current design. In fact, they should probably just continue with the DualShock 3. The design of this controller seems too bulky, much like the controller for the original Xbox.

  • thomas

    I don’t like it. It looks like a cross between a dreamcast and an X-box controller. Also, i have a pad with an internal fan and to be honest it doesnt really enhance the gaming experience.

    With the amount of money and attention that Sony are putting into ‘Move’ i think its more likely PS4 will be orientated around that, and rightly so.

  • Eric

    I think that Sony should make several different remotes.
    they could advertise it as “original”, or like this one, “cobra”.
    and sell them separately

  • Videofreak

    They already got the best design and they should not change it.
    Cobra sucks

  • daniel isaac torres

    that controler is peaces of shed

  • S John

    Horrible. Simply horrible.

  • Javun

    i just hope they are durable not having controler whips sucked(ps1&2) but flying controlers are nice. especially after taking an L in Madden, steetfighters and any other game that the other person can celibrate in. im sure i figure some way to abuse the new desgin. after all we all need good quality weapons why do you think sony had the boomerang concept. so Ya to weapons upgrade. its getting hard coming up with new ways in maiming people
    -Make Belive (you) live in your world and (die) in (mine)-Ps3& ps2 slogan

  • DJmasterFLEX

    i think ther should be a bigger version of the current controller. sometimes my hands feels too big for it,

  • ScreamingArtist

    Looks pretty cool. I like the concept but isnt it possible that there is more than one “official” controller?

  • Kevin

    the design seems cool, however I wish they would make the controllers larger similar in size to the original Xbox controller. I have large hands and when I play long hours on my PS3 my hands hurt. I understand that the Playstation caters to both demographics of adult and child gaming, so why can’t they make a small controller for children and a larger controller for adults?