Report Claims that PS4 Will Use an AMD Graphics Chip

Although I personally think that it’s a little too early to predict what exact graphics chip the PlayStation 4 will utilise, a report release last week indicates that Sony is or has opted for an AMD chip.

The report comes from Forbes who spoke to Rory Read, the CEO of AMD who commented that the company is quietly making deals with Sony.

If the report is correct then Sony will not be using NVIDIA as previously expected. [Read more…]

How the PSN outage affects the game developer

Its all very well that PS3 gamers have been left to fend for themselves since the PSN was orignally downed 6 days ago. Granted, Sony have to be losing out too as gamers are unable to download new content including movies and the hugely popular PSX classic titles. But what about the humble, independent games developers?

Indie games are certainly a niche market but that said, they’re still very popular amongst many different PS3 gamers, from the casual to the hardcore. Developers including Q-games have spoken out of the impact that the continued and seemingly unending PSN downtime has had on them. [Read more…]

Latest PSN update: Credit card details not entirely vulnerable according to Sony

It’s been almost a week now and there still seems to be no sign as yet as to when we can expect to see PSN back to it’s best.

Just having a quick peek on the Sony PlayStation Facebook page, there were at the time of writing, over 24,000 comments on Sony’s previous PSN update. It’s safe to say that Sony have so far received a pretty mixed and varied reception as well as many threatening to switch over to Xbox LIVE (I wonder if they’ll come back though once the network’s up and running again??? We’ll see).

Thankfully though, a little comfort (depending how you take the news) can be found in an update published earlier today over at[Read more…]

Latest update on PSN service: Bad news

We published a post yesterday concerning the diminishing service that is PSN. Go to any PS3/Xbox forum and you’ll find ample numbers of fans biting their finger nails and almost tearing out the buttons on their controllers.

Now, rather than Error 80710A06 dominating our television screens, we’re welcomed by a short message simply stating that the network is undergoing maintenance. With Sony having already given a 24-48 hours penciled deadline for normal service returning, we have since received further news that may see the Playstation Network being down even longer than originally specified. [Read more…]

What did we ever do before online multiplayer?

Since the widely publicized outage over at the PlayStation Network and the possibility of said outage lasting for at least another 24-48 hours, many gamers have taken to threatening Sony with a PS3 boycott and head over to the Xbox 360 as well as writing strongly worded complaints in the hopes that this will somehow speed up the process of bringing PSN back to life.

However, amongst the hundreds and thousands of comments, a thought suddenly occurred to me… What did we ever do before playing games online. Thinking back to my first mobile – the Nokia 3210 with lightning strike fascia, I couldn’t help but wonder what I ever did before mobile phones came around. [Read more…]

PSN still down – just maintenance or something else?

Since a couple of days ago now, many PS3 gamers including myself have been met with the same error message when trying to sign into their PSN account. The error message with Error 80710A06 has graced to screen of many a PSN subscriber.

Originally, this was due to maintenance though conspiracy theorists have now been found correct in the assumption that someone on the outside has taken a liking to hacking the PlayStation Network. [Read more…]

Sony’s Playstation Home updated to 1.5

It must be said that so far there is somewhat of a love-hate relationship between gamers and the PlayStation Home (a bit like mustard, marmite or rootbeer). Many have touted it as nothing more than teenagers pretending to perform certain types of acts not conducive to the Home environment, where others see is it as a great place to ‘virtually’ hang out with your buds and enjoy a few games while you’re at it.

Hopefully, Sony’s Home update – v1.5 should better the relationship and provide a greater reason why Home is so… Great. [Read more…]

Geohot donates $10,000 of surplus legal funds to EFF

When I was a kid and didn’t get my own way, I would usually slam a door with all the strength I could muster or walk slowly but very heavy-footed up the stairs to make as much noise as I could in retaliation to the authority of my parents.

Now in the 21st century however, it seems Mr George Hotz has been walking away from the Hotz – Sony court case with a final 2 fingers up at the PS3 developers in giving away the left over legal funds he garnered (in raising support for his case) to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) in the amount of $10,000. [Read more…]

Looks like no PS4 or Xbox 720 til’ 2014

I have a few alerts set up with my email client so that whenever words or phrases, such as ‘Playstation 4′, ‘Xbox 720′ or ‘Wii 2′, are mentioned anywhere on the world wide web, I get pinged with the web address of the articles or other news posts that contain them.

It seems that someone has opened up another can of worms now that I have been inundated with alerts from all over the internet concerning possible release dates for both the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4. [Read more…]

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Escalation preview trailer

We spoke of Black Ops’ latest piece of downloadable content that was mistakenly outed by a retailer in Australia towards the beginning of the month. However, we are now able to divulge a little more information as well as a preview trailer of Escalation.

Unfortunately for PS3 and PC gamers, the DLC will be heading, once again, straight for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. Though other computer and console owners will be receiving theirs a few weeks later. [Read more…]

New Sonic Generations shaping up rather well

Sonic 4 Episode 1 was good but just good. With a few too many physics problems and other little niggles took away from the experience of racing around the place with a little blue hog from hedge.

Sonic Generations however, seems to be coming together quite well from what we’ve seen so far especially more recently as Sega have a released another short video showing 2 differing but altogether great modes of gameplay featuring both old and new versions of Sonic. [Read more…]

Sony PlayStation Move Starter Pack to ditch the disc

There’s has been the long-standing argument over digital media versus physical media and with Sony’s PlayStation Network becoming all the more prevalent, the PS3 manufacturer has opted to drop the disc found in current PlayStation Move starter packs in favour of freely downloadable content.

[Read more…]